Help fund Cape Breton’s New Cancer Centre. When Brenda was first treated, she was recommended a concentrated radiation method that requires less sessions (5-6 instead of 25-40), impacts the surrounding tissues less and improves quality of life for cancer patients in Cape Breton. Our new Cancer Centre will offer this amazing radiation service, starting with lung cancer patients. 

Cancer is bold. It doesn’t choose us based on who we are, but we get to choose how we deal with it. And Cape Bretoners choose to deal with it by giving.

Brenda, with the help of her friends, family and sisters, will bring Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy to Cape Breton.

We fight this battle with everything we have and then we fight a little more. By giving back, you were with me for my treatment. You allowed my sisters to sit beside me, hold my hands and wipe away my tears. With your compassion, along with my faith, I fought. Let’s fight together and bring Cape Breton’s new Cancer Centre home. This is our chance to impact cancer care for generations to come. It’s been nearly two years since I was told I had was cancer. I was immediately plunged into a new and devastating world.

Pancreatic cancer has a very low survival rate – I know that.

I’m here today because we have an incredible cancer centre in Cape Breton. We have medical professionals who genuinely care and fight to treat this disease. Through my entire journey, I was able to be close to family and friends. Our community gives back, making it possible for me to have treatment here- at home. Close to my children, husband and sisters – my best friends.

I’m fighting, but I need your help. I want to give patients access to the best in cancer care. I want to see future cancer treatment become more accessible and comforting for those who unfortunately follow in my footsteps.  I need you to be a beacon of hope to cancer patients in your community.”

Click HERE to help fund Cape Breton’s new Cancer Centre.